Rule #1 – Be nice out there, these are just bike rides with like-minded folks. We’ll all go back to reality on Monday morning.

Rule #2 – No littering.

Rule #3 – You are 100% self-supported and self-navigated. You are responsible for you!

Rule #4 – Helmets are required at all times.

Rule #5 – No ebikes or pedal assist bikes. If you have to ask “Why not?” these events are not for you. Please note, ebikes and pedal assist are illegal all non-motorized USFS / BLM trails as well as Town of Eagle trails and open space.

Rule #6 – Obey all city, county and state traffic laws. This is for the safety of you and others. The roads will NOT be closed to traffic and other user groups.

Rule #7 – Following the gospel of underground events around the US, please remember YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU. If you sign up for any of these rides, you must have self-supported experience or a well thought out emergency back-up plan. If you do not feel you are prepared to meet such challenges, please consider other challenges.

Got questions about the rules? Contact us.