Date: Do it on your own time or with a friend(s). We may schedule a group start. Maybe. Maybe not.

Ride Stats: 175-miles with 12,000 ft of climbing

START/FINISH: Eagle, Colorado

Route & GPS downloads:

Randonneur (pronounced ran-don-nay or ‘rando’ for short) is long-distance cycling focused on personal challenge and camaraderie amongst riders. Originating in France and Italy in the late 19th century, “Randonneuring” means a wide-ranging journey over the landscape. In the Humper Rando you will experience all the landscapes Colorado has to offer….from windy and warm high desert to lung searing high mountain passes. Expect this ride to take +/- 12 hours with resupply stops.

Rules of Engagement
1. You are responsible for you. The Humper organization takes no responsibility for your well being. Be a good human. Make smart choices.
2. You are self-supported. All riders must utilize public services (ie: gas stations and stores) along the route. No prearranged outside support.
3. Upload your ride to Strava and send the URL to us. We’ll add you to the list of successful Humper Rando riders.
4. Take selfie or bike picture at the 3 designated points (see camera icons on map) along the route, upload them to your Strava file. This shows further proof of completion and adds a bit of fun to the challenge.
5. Use of a rear red blinky light for safety. A front white blinky is encouraged.
6. Use of a front headlight, if you plan to ride in the dark.
7. This is NOT a race!

A GPS with the route track is highly advised. Do yourself a favor and upload the GPX to your favorite navigational device. You can get that at

Equipment choices and Need to know.
1. Suggested bike for the Humper Rando is a road bike with 28c or larger tires.
2. Road surfaces range from pavement to gravel to crushed hard packed limestone rail trail.
3. We suggest carrying 2 spare tubes, a mini-pump and a rain/wind shell jacket.
4. With roughly 12,000 ft of total climbing, we suggest being generous with your gearing choices. Road compact gearing is not a bad idea.
5. Distances between food/water resupply range from as little as 18-miles to as long as 35-miles. Plan accordingly.
6. Route typically open to ride mid-May thru end of October. Independence Pass is the crux. Check CDOT for pass conditions.

Where can I park for the day in Eagle? Please see the MAP

This is NOT a closed route. Expect to share the route with cars, trucks, motorcycles, cyclists, joggers, walkers, etc. Please show respect and be nice out there.

Questions? Shoot them our way!

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