What are the Hardscrabble Humper events?

The Hardscrabble Humper rides are bicycle challenges starting and finishing in Eagle, CO.  The routes consists of singletrack and US Forest Service / BLM roads.  Some trails/roads will be in great shape. Other will having you scratching your head and thinking “WTF?!” Come with an open mind and sense of adventure.

Are these events races?

Not really. While some will choose to ride as fast as they can, other will take on the challenges with hopes to complete the provided routes. The best advice we can offer is “You do you” within the rules and spirit of the rides.

What kind of bike is best for the Humper rides?

Humper Mixed-Terrain: CX or Gravel bike with a minimum of 40c tires. A road bike is NOT a viable bike for this route unless you have desire to destroy it and walk out of the backcountry. Same can be said for road shoes, road pedals, and aero bars…..don’t bring’em! Come with gearing to climb!

Humper MTB: Any mtb will work. A hardtail or 100mm full-suspension mtb will work best.

Is this a closed course?

No. At any moment, riders can expect to see or meet motorized users as well as other recreational user groups. Obey the rules of the road and trails as well as ride “heads-up” at all times.

Can a support crew meet me on course to hand me food, water, or assist with technical issues?

No. These event are 100% self-supported. You must carry everything you need to get to the finish line or obtain it on route. For example: filtering streams for water.

Who can participate in the Hardscrabble Humper events?

The Humper events are aimed at experienced cyclists with a sense of adventure. These rides are not a suitable for beginners.

How long do you think the Hardscrabble Humper rides will take to complete?

Humper Mixed-Terrain: 5-9 hours

Humper MTB: 4-7 hours

Humper Bikepack: 18-24 hours

Is there cell service on course?

No. Cell service drops off once you get about 1.5 miles outside of Eagle town limits.

If I have to abandon, will you come get me?


Will there be medical support?


Will the course be marked?

No. However, we provide a gpx file for GPS navigation. It is HIGHLY suggest you put the file on your GPS. Every single year and every single ride someone gets off course. Why? Because they don’t have the course on their GPS. Its simple and easy. Just put the file on your GPS already, will ya!

Will there be aid stations?

No. You are your own aid station. Bring what you need.

Are the routes open for pre-riding?

Yes, the courses can be ridden at any time and point, as long as the road and/or trails are open for the season.  These routes are pretty much ready to ride starting in late June and close up around early November. Heads up, the Mixed-Terrain route can close as early as the first part of October due to snow in the higher elevations.

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